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March 07, 2009

:: Chola Mermaid

So yes most of my so called art is not finished.  I have reasons behind the crazy.

Originally this was supposed to be a Little Mermaid picture for my niece but I forgot the posterboard at home (yes posterboard, before i got disvirginized by canvas) and had to do one for her on the fly out of town.

I was going to give her eyes and lashes but I like it without all that nonesense.  I want to emphasize on her lips. 

She has tattoos.  On her arm is my first Dia de Los Muerta that I drew on paper (soon to come) and thought why not add my art to her arm.  Waa-freakin-Lah! I did mess up her eyes because my paintbrush got a little out of hand and I was home sick for a week so that's my excuse.

She's holding a can of Aqua Net (the pink one you know) and sporting hoop earrings, along with a Rose tattoo on her hand.  What chola would be complete without it.  No teardrops sorry.  She stayed out of the pen.  She will have a neck tattoo saying: Quiroz.  My mom's last name.

I got a little crazy with the pencil and didn't realize how big her boobies were, this is actually a 3rd scale down from the original.  What was supposed to happen was she was supposed to be wearing clam shells for her bikini but i couldn't get it right (self taught remember and I have ADD, jk) so......here is my chichona Chola Mermaid.

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"I tried to drown my sorrows but the Bastards learned how to swim" - Frida Kahlo
Saturday, March 07, 2009

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