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September 17, 2009

:: Aint so much of an art

So I'm finally all by myself.  I can do the things the way that I truly want. 
I have a problem.  I mean I generally hide and have been coping with it for sometime now.  I think it all began when my brother got locked up because I couldn't control what was happening I became slightly OCD.
No, maybe it was when I worked at the YMCA.  The director I was an assistant to, was OCD.  I mean he was NEAT! He had his paper clips sorted.  First by Size, then if it were metal or plastic, and the plastics were sorted by colored.  I thought he was insane.  But I had to be exactly like him and think like him even 1 step beyond because if I were out, I'd have to have my desk in order for him to find something.  I began aligning my papers on top of each other with a .5 to 1.0" layer of papers on them and .5" space from the first pile to the second (basically like rows and columns).  I even put my stapler and tape dispenser in unison and alignment.  We won't discuss the magnets.  And Excel? OHMG I fell in love with sorting and tabs and having lists for everything.
I even organized ALL my DVDs alphabetical order and printed a list.  sigh.
But it became too much when I got my 1st apartment and my sister mentioned to my 3yr old niece to not touch my movies because they were in alphabetical order.  Sad, so I decided I have to create a balance.  Chaos if you will.
So from time to time I will let things get slightly disorganized or having everything in it's place will be too time consuming and I'll become obssessed about it.
But my cabinets are another story.  For months I had roommates and it was not cool for me to ask them to keep order because I had other house rules, normal house rules (like clean up after yourself or do your own dishes right away etc). 
But now......BWHAHAHHAAHA I have my cabinets in order.  My sister called me and said I was crazy for hammering (I was hanging my bamboo cutting board on the side cabinet and mug hooks in the cabinet) at 11:30 at night.
But look how pretty this is:

Aint so much of an art. But it is because of the lining up of items. I guess working at walgreens facing products paid off huh?

I do want to create a special pantry for just my baking items. But I can actually do small baskets and put all Baking spices in there and all Savory items in the other....ahhhh screw it I love my rows!  The bottom row is funky because I need to move some of the baking items to the bakeware cabinet.  Like how i turned my Costco sized Garlic Container (Bottom row to the left) into Vanilla Sugar?  (I added whole vanilla beans to plain sugar).

I won't even begin to show what I did with my new plates and my canned goods.

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"I tried to drown my sorrows but the Bastards learned how to swim" - Frida Kahlo
Thursday, September 17, 2009

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