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September 17, 2009

:: Drawer - Refurb

My aunt gave me a drawer when I first moved into my place.

It was cute and at the time it matched my deco.  It was an old wood that was slathered in mint green and another coat of white crackling paint for that old time feel.

Well times' a' changin.  So I sanded this baby by hand (I was covered in dust and next time will not end up like Pinoochi with sawdust for lungs and wear a mask) and took off as much paint as I could.

I sanded the drawer down too.  There were no knobs.  So I bought 2 cheap ones at Home Depot for under 2bucks each.

I spray painted the drawer a Metallic Gold (it matches the deco of my drag art hanging above it) and added the knobs.

The drawer itself was going to be a rich chocolate brown.  But then I thought it may look too drab.  So i had just got a new Metallic spray can (I was unsure of the color when I bought it).  It took up the whole can!  It ended up being a nice Champagne color.

I fell in love with it.  I wish there were an outlet there so I could put a little lamp.  Oh well!

(Looks better in person, you can see it's more of a nice Champagne color)
Gold Mettalic Drawer
Silver knob handles.
The End

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"I tried to drown my sorrows but the Bastards learned how to swim" - Frida Kahlo
Thursday, September 17, 2009

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