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September 17, 2009

:: Cake Stand - TRIAL and error

I seen this idea in an art book.  I'm practicing making these little stands to put Christmas treats on for this years family get.

Glue a plate on an upside down glass.  I had a extra cup that didn't match anything so I figured I'd do some testing on paining and lacing (yes lace again) on the plate.

I was going to do a shadow technique but decided I'd do a few on 1 plate and see how it looked. I drew a funky cupcake (real funky) and put gold dots (duh! Dots didn't show and it ended up looking wack).  I used a lace pattern.

First I drew.  Painted with marker (should of used acrylic paint but I was being lazy and that day, I went grocery shopping, making enchiladas, cheesecake and rice and I sanded down a table, posted below) so I was doing like 50 things at once). 

Then I did a lace pattern with spray paint over it all.

I then put a clear coat to seal the paint/markers on the back. 

I glued it on the cup with glass glue (be careful when doing larget plates because of the weight and weight of your baking items on top) and let it set for 1hr.  Then I turned it upside down and this is what it came out like:

Big enough to hold 4 large onions and a shallot.
Funky, Spunky, (who am I kidding, it's plain jane) stand
See the flowers look black (ugh) and the cupcake is wack, but the lace is cool.
SIDE BUSTIN':  Use a clear plate if you can.  If using a colored clear plate, buy an extra one to see if the colors will come out or you'll be sad!  Also, try mix matching different cups or even old candle holders (watch the base though).  
You can wash this in mild soap, no scrubbing on the bottom and IS NOT dishwasher safe. (duh).
Next I want to try a decoupage style.

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"I tried to drown my sorrows but the Bastards learned how to swim" - Frida Kahlo
Thursday, September 17, 2009

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